“We build on foundations we did not lay.
We warm ourselves at fires we did not light.
We sit in the shade of trees we did not plant.
We drink from wells we did not dig.
We profit from persons we did not know.
We are ever bound in community."

Rev. Peter Raible (paraphrased from Deuteronomy 6:10-12)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Living in the Holy Tension

Well, I sure stepped away from blogging for longer than I intended! But I'm back now.

I'm still buzzing from our recent sermon series, "Living in the Holy Tension." Based on the feedback and comments from many congregants, this sermon series really landed in people's lives, naming some of the "holy tensions" we all live with, both individually, and even as an institution. For a quick explanation of what we mean by "holy tensions," check out this article from our March newsletter. Essentially, we're talking about living in that space between two things...that space where creativity, possibility, the holy, and new insight reside. The trick is often to live there, without moving toward resolution too quickly. It often seems that out of that tension, something remarkable and life giving can be born.

In case you missed the sermons, here they are, linked to the podcasts:

*On March 4, 2012, Rev. Kate Tucker kicked off this sermon series with "Living in the Holy Tension." 
*March 11, Rev. Meg Riley preached a great sermon about race, privilege, love, and much more, called "Unpacking Love."
*On March 18, I preached about the holy tension between "Spirit and Justice."
*On March 25, I preached about "Blessing in Wounding."

This last sermon started a conversation on Twitter and Facebook about the tensions between blessing and wounding...how they are so often woven together. And I'd love to open up a space to deepen that conversation here, as well. How has this whole sermon series spoken to your life? What did it awaken? What new "holy tensions" have you become aware of? What's stirring in your spirit?

Let's continue the conversation here!

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